Lykoi Cat Price: How Much Do They Cost? 2023 Guide


Lykoi Cat Price: How Much Do They Cost? 2023 Guide | Pet Keen

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If you’re looking for a cat with an interesting and almost frightening look, the Lykoi cat is for you. Despite their wolf-like appearance, this relatively new cat breed makes an excellent pet. Also known as “werewolf cats,” the Lykoi is a rare find, but given their awesome temperaments, their popularity will surely grow in the coming years.

Lykoi cats are playful, friendly, and outgoing, but how much does it cost to own one of these wolf-like creatures? Stick around and learn about all the expenses that come with owning a Lykoi so you can decide if a Lykoi is right for you.


Bringing Home a New Lykoi Cat: One-Time Costs

As with any new pet, you will have particular expenses to consider before committing. Your cat will need initial supplies if you don’t have any from a previous cat you’ve owned, and we’ll list these supplies along with a rough estimate of costs to prepare you financially.

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We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your chances of finding a free Lykoi are slim to none. These cats are rare as it is, but it’s not impossible to find one. But beware, if you see a “free” Lykoi, odds are, the cat will not be purebred, so be careful.


All sorts of animals end up in shelters or rescues for various reasons, and you may get lucky and find one; however, don’t hold your breath. Even if one turns up in such a facility, odds are, word has spread to others, and you may have competition.


A true, reputable breeder will likely be your best bet in finding one of these rare cats, but it will come with a hefty price tag. You may have to get on a waiting list for one, and you also may need to travel depending on where you live.

If you do find a breeder, ensure they are reputable and responsible. Always meet the breeder and check out the cattery before paying a down payment or anything of the like.

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Initial Setup and Supplies

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll have one-time costs to consider before committing to adopting a new cat. If you’re a previous cat owner, you may already have some of these items, but if not, you’ll need to start from scratch. The chart below will help give you a ballpark figure of the required setup and supplies you’ll need.

List of Lykoi Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar$15
X-Ray Cost$100–$250
Ultrasound Cost$300–$600
Teeth Cleaning$190–$200
Nail Clipper (optional)$7
Brush (optional)$8
Litter Box$25
Litter Scoop$10
Food and Water Bowls$10

How Much Does a Lykoi Cost Per Month?

Having a Lykoi means you will have monthly expenses to consider. Your Lykoi will need food, preventatives, cat litter, etc., which will be recurring monthly costs. Once you buy all initial setup and supplies, the monthly fees will not be near as much unless your Lykoi develops a medical issue. Let’s break it down to give you a better idea.

Lykoi werewolf cat
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Health Care

Lykoi cats are relatively healthy, but any cat can inherit genetic medical issues. It’s vital to keep up with monthly medications and to take your Lykoi for regular vet checkups. Food and preventatives will be definite recurring monthly costs, and if you opt for health insurance for your Lykoi, that will be an additional monthly cost but worth considering.


Lykoi cats do not require specific diets unless a medical issue arises, such as diabetes. As long as your cat is healthy, feeding a high-quality cat food is all your Lykoi will require. Some cats prefer a mixture of wet and dry food, so you may purchase both to appease your Lykoi. Whatever the case, ensure the cat food is 100% balanced and of high quality with no fillers.


The Lykoi cat has an interesting coat. The coat has patchy hair loss due to a genetic mutation, which is what gives these cats their unique look. Given the coat is sparse, they do benefit from a bath once or twice a week due to their oily skin. Bathing a cat is much different from bathing a dog, and you may prefer taking your Lykoi to a professional groomer. A groomer can also clip the nails, clean the ears, brush the teeth, and clean the eyes (they are prone to frequent eye discharge.)

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Medications and Vet Visits

Unless your Lykoi is sick, you will not have monthly vet visits. However, it is strongly recommended to keep your cat on flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives. You’ll likely receive heartworm medications through your vet, but flea and tick can be purchased over the counter. We do recommend checking with your vet before deciding on any preventatives to ensure your cat’s safety.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is optional, but it can come in handy if your Lykoi gets sick or injured. There are many pet insurance companies out there, and they all generally operate the same way. You can customize your deductible, annual coverage limits, and reimbursement rates, all of which alter the monthly price. You can also select accident/illness coverage only or add yearly preventative care for an additional monthly fee.

Environment Maintenance

Having a cat means you will have litter boxes to attend to, and it’s essential to keep the box clean for your Lykoi. Cardboard scratchers are also beneficial for your Lykoi for entertainment and to keep the nails in shape. Let’s look at the environmental maintenance expenses you can expect to incur.

Litter box liners$10/month
Cat litter$25/month
Deodorizing spray or granules$10/month
Cardboard Scratcher$20/month


Subscribing to a monthly cat toy box is an excellent way to provide your Lykoi with toys and treats. You’ll receive a new box monthly or bi-monthly to keep your Lykoi happy and entertained. Most companies offer free shipping and discounts on your first order. You can also customize the boxes to suit your Lykoi’s playing needs and choose from various themes.

Here are a few cat toy box companies to consider:


Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Lykoi Cat

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact monthly costs of owning a Lykoi cat, as many factors influence the expenses. As a cat owner, you must prepare for the unexpected, such as your cat falling ill or getting injured. You don’t have to subscribe to a monthly cat toy box, and you don’t have to buy pet insurance. However, we strongly suggest looking into an insurance policy for your Lykoi to help with expensive vet bills should your Lykoi need medical care.

Additional Costs to Factor In

When you’re a pet owner, there will always be additional costs to factor in. For example, sometimes you need a pet sitter when you leave town, and you may even need to board your Lykoi from time to time, depending on how long you’ll be gone.

Every cat owner knows there is a strong possibility your cat will get into mischief and tear something up, such as scratching the furniture or destroying your favorite flip-flops. Most cats are curious creatures, and you may find your cat getting sick from ingesting something poisonous, like a poisonous plant. To keep such an event from happening, ensure you keep hazardous items out of your Lykoi’s reach.

Lykoi Cat
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Owning a Lykoi on a Budget

There are ways around spending an enormous amount of money on your Lykoi as long as he stays healthy. We do not recommend cutting costs on high-quality food or veterinary care, but there are other areas where you can cut costs.

Look for coupons and discounts on food, toys, litter, and other essential items, or you can buy in bulk, which is typically cheaper. You can also search for a Lykoi in a shelter or rescue, as the cost will be significantly lower than buying from a breeder. As for the Lykoi, finding one in a shelter or rescue may be hard but not impossible.

Saving Money on Lykoi Care

When considering spaying/neutering your Lykoi, look for low-cost veterinary clinics to perform the procedure. Some clinics even offer free spay/neutering on certain days of the year, so be on the lookout in your area.

If you’re a DIYer, you can make cat toys easily rather than buying them. You can also make a cat bed and even a litter box to cut back on costs.



To own a Lykoi cat, you’re looking at roughly $250–$500 for initial setup and supplies, depending on what, if any, you may already have. However, buying from a breeder will increase that number significantly; most breeders will charge anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 for a Lykoi, depending on your location.

Monthly costs don’t have to break the bank; nonetheless, monthly costs average roughly $25–$500, depending on your Lykoi’s needs. Pet insurance is an excellent way to keep expensive vet bills to a minimum. Feeding your Lykoi high-quality food and keeping up with preventatives and vet checkups are also essential in maintaining your Lykoi’s health and your wallet.

Featured Image Credit: Jaroslaw Kurek, Shutterstock

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