Different Animal Sounds to Attract a Pet

The Animal Aardvark may be a new term, but the basic concept is not. These are the African Grey Parrots that many people keep as pets today. You may be wondering what an African Grey Parrot looks like, and what exactly it is. It is a member of the larger family of the Cockatoos. These parrots are most often seen as ornamental birds with a yellow throat and head.

This is a good thing because it makes it easy to identify a bird that is screaming, and that is why these parrots are so popular for a lot of reasons. But before you get too excited, let's take a look at the characteristics of an African Grey Parrot and how to recognize them. Here is a quick overview:

Noisy - If you have ever owned an African Grey you know just how much they can make a racket. It may seem like they are only talking when they want to talk, but in reality, they make quite a racket with their calls. Because of the loud volume and the tone, it will be easy for other animals in the house to hear them. If they notice another animal making a racket they may quickly start to follow or try to avoid that animal.

Call - The call itself is a screeching sound that is unique to each animal. In the case of the African Grey, their call has a deep and raspy tone that has a nice high pitch. This is what makes these calls so exciting. The tone is used to communicate with other birds in the area and can also be used to attract a mate. But mostly it will get the bird's message across to whoever is calling and wanting to make a nest.

Roaring - When the bird starts to roar, it means that they are happy and are looking for a mate. They can't produce a nice tone in the call, but when they do their tone is loud and raspy. Roaring is used to attract a mate. This is the most common call of an animal when they are about to create a nest.

Hissing - A lot of times an animal will let you know that they are about to make a nest by loudly chirping. They usually do this at night when they are finding a place to sleep. This is another good reason to keep an eye on the animal that is making the call. If it's not a male then it will probably get the hint and make the call louder to get your attention.

Whimper - It is considered the loudest call an animal can make. Males will use this call to announce to the world that he is ready to breed. Females will also use this call to tell others that they are ready too. Some animals will even use this call to mark their territory, especially when they are about to migrate. Make sure to watch for the different whimpers and see how the animal uses them to get attention.

There are many other animal sounds that can be used for attention. Some of these are more obvious than others. Some are considered background calls so they will only be noticeable to people who are paying attention to the animal in question. Others make it clear that the animal is ready to breed or hunt. You will just have to experiment with each type of call to figure out which ones will be the loudest or satisfying to your animal.

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